Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New "Look"!

It occurred to us recently that our web site, photos, and demonstration videos did not reflect our current band. When you have children in a band, it can change dramatically from one year to the next.

When we started the band, no one was particularly skilled at their instruments, harmonies were still written out and drilled, everyone stared at their fingers, no one smiled, least of all Mom, when the younger two, not knowing behavior requirements on stage, would goof off. Ok, some things haven't fully changed. Ha!

Our promotional issues changed over this last week as updates were made on our demonstration videos and everyone went in for some updated photos!

Pictures first, then for those who would like to give a listen to our new demo videos, keep scrolling down and you'll find them. We are trying to get a jump start on booking for 2012, nation wide, so if you know anyone who may be able to offer us assistance on locating playing opportunities, please forward the videos!

On to the pictures! These are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

Here is one specifically for our Gospel Music!

Finally, we do offer some educational programs for children.

Don't forget! We're working on bookings for 2012, so if you have any place you can suggest to us, please let us know, and pass the videos on!

Happy Pickin'!


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