Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buses and Music!

It's about time for a band update. If you have not been following along, you may have missed our big change. We are slowly making the move towards becoming a full time band, and started by selling our home, purchasing an RV converted school bus, (see Benny the Bus on our web site!), then moving in!

The bus is currently parked at Grandma and Papa's home, where it will remain until we can make that leap, hopefully in January. We are currently looking towards south Texas and Arizona for a short tour in January, we'll be back late February to Colorado, then we will look for some mid-western places to play in the spring. Late summer and early fall will hopefully lead us out east. Right now we are pretty wide open and would welcome suggested playing locations and leads. Please contact us!

As it turns out, the acoustics in the living room of the house are far superior to our old living room, and we have been granted permission to make it our practice area. As soon as we get a bit more moved in and settled, we'll hunker down in there to put together the new songs for the CD we have planned. We will head to Austin to record this one in late October! The official release should be some time in January.

Tonight we are praying for good weather so we can play for Commerce City's Music in the Park. Colorado has had an unusually wet summer and they have had to cancel the previous shows. Go sunshine! Send the rain to Texas. I hear they would really appreciate it. Saturday we travel down to Fiddlers Along the Arkansas in Canon City. The weather there is supposed to be lovely. We will head down early to enjoy the festivities, and perhaps stay a bit late to jam. Sadly, we won't be able to bring the bus and stay overnight. The Colorado Department of Transportation is requiring a lot of paperwork and effort to transfer the bus title and get tags, so the bus is stationary until we can resolve this. We'll be in the "mini bus", our 15 passenger van and making the trip back that evening, but there will be time to socialize and have some fun.

Exciting stuff, eh?

Happy Pickin'!


  1. Ahem. I didn't see mention of the PNW in your list of regions to visit.... Just saying....

  2. Actually, since I wrote this, the latest idea was to take 2 months and head to the PNW, but in the end, we go where the opportunities happen to be. I'll need to chat with you a bit and get some ideas on spring options for the Pacific Coast. It's rainy then, but it's not too cold, so that may work for spring.