Friday, June 3, 2011

Buskin' Fun!

Meet Mr. RV Pickle Jar. We have our house for sale (waiting patiently...) with the hopes of being homeless and living on the edge. The problem is, our house likely will leave us with less than nothing by the time it sells, and we can't just assume a suitable RV or converted bus will poof out of the sky when it's time to head out, so we thought we'd sing for our shelter!

For the summer, Mr. RV Pickle Jar will join us whenever we have a chance to play for any non-paying gigs. Right now it says "RV Fund", but we really hope we will someday have to upgrade his sign to say "gas money".

Of course, one could almost feel guilty about all of this. We simply walk to an empty spot on the Pearl Street Mall (no licenses are required to busk there), play some jammin' bluegrass tunes, take breaks when we want, sing what we want, have a snack, go look at the fountains, play more jammin' bluegrass tunes, and people help us out a bit with our dream! Is "work" supposed to be this fun?

No dressing up, either, as you can see by cute stuff there. It's as casual as we like, and good family fun. I suspect Mr. RV Pickle Jar will get some good use this summer.


I didn't post this earlier, because I just pulled it off of my camera, but I really like this picture. My two fiddle players are reaching up at a really big fiddle, hanging at a buffet in Branson. We'll be sure to go there next year, too. They have another nearby family fun building with a giant banjo! We didn't stop off there last time. Too busy and tired, but next time we really need to go visit that big banjo.

Tomorrow we'll be doing more street performing, but this time for Fort Collin's Streetmosphere. The city pays us, and for that we do coordinate clothing, and stick to a schedule. It's still a blast though! It's Sean's birthday so on our first break, we'll have some pizza that Grandma and Papa will deliver. On a later break we'll have Sean's special request: Twinkies with Sherbert. Kind of odd, but at least I don't have to bake a cake.

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