Sunday, June 26, 2011

12th GospelGrass

We had a wonderful time at the 12th Annual GospelGrass in Calhan! 4 days and 3 nights of music, fun and fellowship. I'm excited to announce that our new bus, Benny, did a great job hauling us all to our destination. If you have not met Benny, he is our new converted flat-nose school bus, and we're so tickled about the big, goofy looking bus, that I am seriously considering making him his own page on our official web site!

Anyway, we hopped into the bus and headed out Thursday afternoon. Friday we had the privilege of sharing our new educational program for families at the GospelGrass, complete with 4 additional songs from the Little House on the Prairie series of books. It went mostly well, except for a few forgotten words and the occasional confusion as to who takes which break when. A few more times and we'll have them down. Thanks to my friend, Jana, for posting this picture!

On Friday, some of the ladies from a couple other family bands talked Suzie and the rest into an added square dance, which the twins participated in for a short time. We were all pretty tired that evening.
Saturday we had a GREAT crowd for our main gospel set, then spent the afternoon enjoying some time with new and old friends, showing off our bus. The kids enjoyed time with the many other children at the festival, as well as other activities ranging from "human foosball", to "Kids' Songs with Suzie".

That evening the twins got together with other twins to practice a music set they'll offer at next weeks' GospelGrass on the Divide, for a throw together group called "Triple Trouble". Then we sent them off to enjoy more square dancing! The younger two and some good friends joined in as well.

When everyone was exhausted, we went back to the bus for some s'mores over a little propane cooker, since there was a fire ban in effect. The twins from "Six Minutes Apart" came by to jam with our kids, and we even pulled out the telescope to catch Saturn's lovely rings!

Mary went off to sleep, and the older three children went back up to the Whittemore building, where a large herd of "good little Christian kids" were up playing ultimate frisbee at midnight.

Because the people running that place know how to have good clean fun, biscuits and gravy were cooked up at around 1am. Of course, we had some before falling over into bed.

The morning offered a free pancake breakfast, and a very interesting sermon by Bryan Melvin, author of "A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion". Because we had to pack up the bus and get home, most of us missed it, but the twins, who did stay and listen, said it was worth purchasing the book to hear the full story.

Safely back at home, we are resting up for next weekend, which olds 5 gigs in 4 days. Whew! I came home to SEVEN new gigs to add to the schedule over the next 2 months. Should be fun.

Happy Pickin'!

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