Monday, April 25, 2011

For Sale

We have officially taken a step off the common path, and we put our home up for sale. There are multiple reasons, but few firm plans, only some wild hopes and dreams. How any of them will play out depends entirely on God's plan for our family, but we are ready for adventure.

The timing couldn't be worse, of course. Days are spent first by waking up earlier than usual, cleaning the house much nicer than usual, then trying to go through normal routines, while keeping an ear out for the phone to see when we will have to leave for the next showing. We've had several so far, which is nice, but far from easy to manage. By the end of the day the challenge is trying to fix dinner around any afternoon showings, keeping a house clean while it's filled with activity 24/7, not to mention trying to practice for all our coming adventures.

We have a very busy spring and summer schedule in the makings! This Friday night we have a concert to benefit a Haitian Orphanage. This should be a wonderful evening of gospel music, all for a great cause! We hope to debut at least one new song, possibly two... depending on the house selling excitement!
On May 14th we are excited to return to the All Colorado Bluegrass Festival!

Our stage times are currently 12pm on the acoustic stage, and 3pm on the main stage. Because it is a "birthday weekend" we will grab another Costco cake to share with friends, family, fans, and the other bands. The day promises to be loads of fun, so if you would like to purchase tickets, please give us a call or email and we'll make sure you get some, or you can order through the web site, but please list "Amber Waves" in the comment section when you check out!

Oh, and we guarantee we'll have some new tunes to share at that one, because we have to have everything polished up and ready for a really exciting adventure: The Youth in Bluegrass Contest at Silver Dollar City! We have been invited to attend and will spend Memorial Day weekend singing and playing our hearts out, with a side of roller coasters! Yee-haw!

The summer programs will start immediately after that, so keep checking the schedule. Not all dates are confirmed yet, so there will certainly be some minor changes and additions.

Happy Pickin'!