Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goldfield GospelGrass

Our last leg of the trip was to the Goldfield Ghost Town in Arizona for the GospelGrass festival! We left San Antonio on Thursday and drove to Carlsbad, NM, where woke to -3 degree temperatures (-17 wind chill) . Thankfully, we made time to stop by the beautiful caverns again, to warm up!

The freezing temperatures froze pipes at the Cavern entry, but thankfully, the rest rooms downstairs, where it remains 56 degrees all year, were open. All along our trip to I-10 on the way to Arizona later that day we ran into several closed rest areas and gas station restrooms.

Here is one that we found outside of El Paso with working restrooms, though as you can see, it had some freezing issues as well. The Goldfield Ghost Town was definitely a highlight to the trip! We had so much fun, as I hope you can see by the video below. Again, stop by our youtube page if you want music clips, because this is just video of silly fun here!

We're safely home now and thankful for God's Providence through the entire trip. Between Michael's back troubles, freezing temperatures, rising gas prices, and numerous other things that could have turned this trip upside down, we found ourselves helped along the way by many wonderful people and dodging the worst of the weather just in time, for largely clear roads the entire trip. Back here in Colorado, we are feeling very blessed, indeed, and more confident than ever that we are being lovingly watched over.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun in the Texas Sun

I have been posting on our Youtube channel and Facebook page a few music clips. Here is where we'll put those silly videos for Grandmas and others who like to see a personal side of the fun.

We're having a great time! Well, 90% great time, anyway. Michael's back is not cooperating, the cold spell is blasting all the way down here to San Antonio, our home in Colorado is under a deep freeze leaving us mildly worried about pipes and pets, and the ladies left their good coats in Port Isabel. However, the hospitality from everyone has been so wonderful, folks have been praying for us, so little concerns just slip right away and we remember how blessed we are!

We're getting some needed down time through tomorrow, then we'll make our way to Arizona for the last leg of our trip. Everyone is looking forward to the 70 degree weather that is expected there on Saturday.

Happy Pickin!