Sunday, October 23, 2011

Off to the Studio!

With the summer season over, things have relaxed considerably around here on the performing front, which has given us time to work on a rather important project - our new CD!

This blog has been rather quiet with so little to report, but that promises to change soon. Meanwhile, here is the typical scene at our house - practicing. Usually without the Calvin and Hobbes book.

The book will be banned from the studio, and was banned from practice moments after this picture, but only after sneaking up on him and taking the picture.

Tuesday is the day! We have one week to get this thing complete, so please pray for healthy voices, great focus, and many clean takes.

Happy Pickin'!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New "Look"!

It occurred to us recently that our web site, photos, and demonstration videos did not reflect our current band. When you have children in a band, it can change dramatically from one year to the next.

When we started the band, no one was particularly skilled at their instruments, harmonies were still written out and drilled, everyone stared at their fingers, no one smiled, least of all Mom, when the younger two, not knowing behavior requirements on stage, would goof off. Ok, some things haven't fully changed. Ha!

Our promotional issues changed over this last week as updates were made on our demonstration videos and everyone went in for some updated photos!

Pictures first, then for those who would like to give a listen to our new demo videos, keep scrolling down and you'll find them. We are trying to get a jump start on booking for 2012, nation wide, so if you know anyone who may be able to offer us assistance on locating playing opportunities, please forward the videos!

On to the pictures! These are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

Here is one specifically for our Gospel Music!

Finally, we do offer some educational programs for children.

Don't forget! We're working on bookings for 2012, so if you have any place you can suggest to us, please let us know, and pass the videos on!

Happy Pickin'!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The End of the Season

Tomorrow marks the end of the season. It is rather strange that it happens to land on 9/11. We play for a picnic, then we are off the rest of the month. It's been a whirlwind of a summer, too. We've had the privilege to play at so many interesting locations, from 4th of July celebrations, fiddle contests, city parks, fine art festivals, and other interesting venues.

Today we had another interesting adventure - the Colorado Peach Festival. In most ways it was an ordinary gig, but we just happened to be right next to one of the more interesting kid entertainment blow-ups we'd ever seen.


One of the many perks to playing with a family band. This summer the kids have gone on carriage rides, little train rides, played human Foosball, had many delicious free meals, and all in the name of entertaining. However, I'm pretty sure this was the best one this summer!

There are a few fall programs lined up, and we've already booked our first Christmas gig of the season, but the summer rush is over. We are all looking forward to some down time to work on our CD project.

We have an official tour announcement available for download as well. There are some minor changes as we try to narrow down our targeted locations. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone in the states listed!

Happy Pickin'!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amber Waves 2012 Tour!

Have you heard the news? The Amber Waves Band, a.k.a. the Costello Family, is heading out!

Have Bus, Will Travel

We are looking for playing opportunities nation wide for 2012. Known locations include:
  • South Texas in January
  • Arizona in early February
  • Possible West Coast and Norther states for March and April
  • Colorado, Kansas, Missouri from late May through early June
  • Colorado/Wyoming mid-June to early July
  • Mid-West states from mid-July through August
  • Tennessee, Kentucky, through to Virgina in September and October
  • November and December TBA... Florida? Georgia? Alabama? Your town???
We are still in the early planning stages, so if you know of a location that may wish to host us, please contact Cheryl right away. We are looking for churches that would enjoy some fast family friendly bluegrass gospel entertainment; county fairs, city events,or retirement homes/resorts for our main entertainment mix; schools or libraries for our bluegrass/Little House on the Prairie educational program; and even house concerts. Barbeques, fund raisers, homeschool groups, etc. Hey, we even busk! It's all a good time for the Costello family.

Know someone who may be interested? Please forward our information. Referrals are always a blessing!

Other exciting news includes the release of our second CD. We will record in October, and Lord willing, release it in early January.

Contact the Amber Waves Band today to see about hosting us in your area. Call Cheryl at 303-833-6641, email, or visit us on our web site where you can find demo videos and further information at

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buses and Music!

It's about time for a band update. If you have not been following along, you may have missed our big change. We are slowly making the move towards becoming a full time band, and started by selling our home, purchasing an RV converted school bus, (see Benny the Bus on our web site!), then moving in!

The bus is currently parked at Grandma and Papa's home, where it will remain until we can make that leap, hopefully in January. We are currently looking towards south Texas and Arizona for a short tour in January, we'll be back late February to Colorado, then we will look for some mid-western places to play in the spring. Late summer and early fall will hopefully lead us out east. Right now we are pretty wide open and would welcome suggested playing locations and leads. Please contact us!

As it turns out, the acoustics in the living room of the house are far superior to our old living room, and we have been granted permission to make it our practice area. As soon as we get a bit more moved in and settled, we'll hunker down in there to put together the new songs for the CD we have planned. We will head to Austin to record this one in late October! The official release should be some time in January.

Tonight we are praying for good weather so we can play for Commerce City's Music in the Park. Colorado has had an unusually wet summer and they have had to cancel the previous shows. Go sunshine! Send the rain to Texas. I hear they would really appreciate it. Saturday we travel down to Fiddlers Along the Arkansas in Canon City. The weather there is supposed to be lovely. We will head down early to enjoy the festivities, and perhaps stay a bit late to jam. Sadly, we won't be able to bring the bus and stay overnight. The Colorado Department of Transportation is requiring a lot of paperwork and effort to transfer the bus title and get tags, so the bus is stationary until we can resolve this. We'll be in the "mini bus", our 15 passenger van and making the trip back that evening, but there will be time to socialize and have some fun.

Exciting stuff, eh?

Happy Pickin'!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

We are nearly to the end of our busy weekend! Friday kicked it off with a visit to the residents at the Sterling House in Greeley, where they are always so appreciative of the kids' efforts.

After that we headed to all-you-can-eat pizza to fill everyone up for a Streetmosphere in Fort Collins. The crowds were fantastic this weekend! A local pizza kiosk showed up half way through our three-hour set and needed us to move over a bit. We happily complied, and in appreciation, the owner gave the kids a slice each of cheese pizza. It's a good thing the kids will eat pizza anytime.

After heading home long enough to sleep, we jumped back into the van and went to GospelGrass on the Divide. This was a first time festival, and I was amazed at how nice it turned out! Often you get smaller audiences and many things require some ironing out, but they had a great crowd, concessions, vendors, antique car show, and a lot of great music.

Prior to the event, the parents of three sets of identical teenage twins, all bluegrass players in bands, conspired to put together a band called "Triple Double Trouble". They practiced a bit at last week's festival, and a bit before their show, then did a 20 minute set with the six of them.

Of course, we had to sit back and enjoy ourselves, too, including the younger two, full of their ornery ways. They ran around, played in the volley ball sand pit, got nice and dirty, ate hamburgers, brownies, and stuck a big cone on the head. All in a day's work.

This morning we were privileged to play for our church's service at the reservoir, where they had seven baptisms, we played some great bluegrass gospel, and had some BBQ'd hamburgers.

Tomorrow we are excited to play two music sets for Laramie, Wyoming's "Freedom has a Birthday". We'll be there at 11am at the bandshell, and at 1pm on the center stage.

When that is finished, the real adventure begins. We *MOVE*. We close on the house on the 22nd. Everything will need to go. I think we have our work cut out for us!

Happy Pickin'!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

12th GospelGrass

We had a wonderful time at the 12th Annual GospelGrass in Calhan! 4 days and 3 nights of music, fun and fellowship. I'm excited to announce that our new bus, Benny, did a great job hauling us all to our destination. If you have not met Benny, he is our new converted flat-nose school bus, and we're so tickled about the big, goofy looking bus, that I am seriously considering making him his own page on our official web site!

Anyway, we hopped into the bus and headed out Thursday afternoon. Friday we had the privilege of sharing our new educational program for families at the GospelGrass, complete with 4 additional songs from the Little House on the Prairie series of books. It went mostly well, except for a few forgotten words and the occasional confusion as to who takes which break when. A few more times and we'll have them down. Thanks to my friend, Jana, for posting this picture!

On Friday, some of the ladies from a couple other family bands talked Suzie and the rest into an added square dance, which the twins participated in for a short time. We were all pretty tired that evening.
Saturday we had a GREAT crowd for our main gospel set, then spent the afternoon enjoying some time with new and old friends, showing off our bus. The kids enjoyed time with the many other children at the festival, as well as other activities ranging from "human foosball", to "Kids' Songs with Suzie".

That evening the twins got together with other twins to practice a music set they'll offer at next weeks' GospelGrass on the Divide, for a throw together group called "Triple Trouble". Then we sent them off to enjoy more square dancing! The younger two and some good friends joined in as well.

When everyone was exhausted, we went back to the bus for some s'mores over a little propane cooker, since there was a fire ban in effect. The twins from "Six Minutes Apart" came by to jam with our kids, and we even pulled out the telescope to catch Saturn's lovely rings!

Mary went off to sleep, and the older three children went back up to the Whittemore building, where a large herd of "good little Christian kids" were up playing ultimate frisbee at midnight.

Because the people running that place know how to have good clean fun, biscuits and gravy were cooked up at around 1am. Of course, we had some before falling over into bed.

The morning offered a free pancake breakfast, and a very interesting sermon by Bryan Melvin, author of "A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion". Because we had to pack up the bus and get home, most of us missed it, but the twins, who did stay and listen, said it was worth purchasing the book to hear the full story.

Safely back at home, we are resting up for next weekend, which olds 5 gigs in 4 days. Whew! I came home to SEVEN new gigs to add to the schedule over the next 2 months. Should be fun.

Happy Pickin'!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Buskin' Fun!

Meet Mr. RV Pickle Jar. We have our house for sale (waiting patiently...) with the hopes of being homeless and living on the edge. The problem is, our house likely will leave us with less than nothing by the time it sells, and we can't just assume a suitable RV or converted bus will poof out of the sky when it's time to head out, so we thought we'd sing for our shelter!

For the summer, Mr. RV Pickle Jar will join us whenever we have a chance to play for any non-paying gigs. Right now it says "RV Fund", but we really hope we will someday have to upgrade his sign to say "gas money".

Of course, one could almost feel guilty about all of this. We simply walk to an empty spot on the Pearl Street Mall (no licenses are required to busk there), play some jammin' bluegrass tunes, take breaks when we want, sing what we want, have a snack, go look at the fountains, play more jammin' bluegrass tunes, and people help us out a bit with our dream! Is "work" supposed to be this fun?

No dressing up, either, as you can see by cute stuff there. It's as casual as we like, and good family fun. I suspect Mr. RV Pickle Jar will get some good use this summer.


I didn't post this earlier, because I just pulled it off of my camera, but I really like this picture. My two fiddle players are reaching up at a really big fiddle, hanging at a buffet in Branson. We'll be sure to go there next year, too. They have another nearby family fun building with a giant banjo! We didn't stop off there last time. Too busy and tired, but next time we really need to go visit that big banjo.

Tomorrow we'll be doing more street performing, but this time for Fort Collin's Streetmosphere. The city pays us, and for that we do coordinate clothing, and stick to a schedule. It's still a blast though! It's Sean's birthday so on our first break, we'll have some pizza that Grandma and Papa will deliver. On a later break we'll have Sean's special request: Twinkies with Sherbert. Kind of odd, but at least I don't have to bake a cake.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time to Share a bit of Fun!

All Colorado Bluegrass Festival!

Back-stepping My Clinch Mountain Home
Two completely unrelated songs, together at last.

Orange Blossom Special
'Cause he can.


Short break time, and time to catch up on whatever story Katie is currently writing.Thanking God for the invention of Hot Chocolate!
The temperature was 46 degrees. Brrrr!
This is what we call a street duel.
Trying to keep fingers warm and strings tuned was sure a challenge!
Best way ever to warm hands!
The plaza where we played has a little water fountain area. Water shoots out at random times. I think Sean played his fiddle more for the water than the people passing by.

Happy Pickin'!

Monday, April 25, 2011

For Sale

We have officially taken a step off the common path, and we put our home up for sale. There are multiple reasons, but few firm plans, only some wild hopes and dreams. How any of them will play out depends entirely on God's plan for our family, but we are ready for adventure.

The timing couldn't be worse, of course. Days are spent first by waking up earlier than usual, cleaning the house much nicer than usual, then trying to go through normal routines, while keeping an ear out for the phone to see when we will have to leave for the next showing. We've had several so far, which is nice, but far from easy to manage. By the end of the day the challenge is trying to fix dinner around any afternoon showings, keeping a house clean while it's filled with activity 24/7, not to mention trying to practice for all our coming adventures.

We have a very busy spring and summer schedule in the makings! This Friday night we have a concert to benefit a Haitian Orphanage. This should be a wonderful evening of gospel music, all for a great cause! We hope to debut at least one new song, possibly two... depending on the house selling excitement!
On May 14th we are excited to return to the All Colorado Bluegrass Festival!

Our stage times are currently 12pm on the acoustic stage, and 3pm on the main stage. Because it is a "birthday weekend" we will grab another Costco cake to share with friends, family, fans, and the other bands. The day promises to be loads of fun, so if you would like to purchase tickets, please give us a call or email and we'll make sure you get some, or you can order through the web site, but please list "Amber Waves" in the comment section when you check out!

Oh, and we guarantee we'll have some new tunes to share at that one, because we have to have everything polished up and ready for a really exciting adventure: The Youth in Bluegrass Contest at Silver Dollar City! We have been invited to attend and will spend Memorial Day weekend singing and playing our hearts out, with a side of roller coasters! Yee-haw!

The summer programs will start immediately after that, so keep checking the schedule. Not all dates are confirmed yet, so there will certainly be some minor changes and additions.

Happy Pickin'!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer Schedule is in the Making!

We're still on our well-needed month off, which doesn't seem like time off when you consider how busy we've been with new songs, jams, and workshops; not to mention the work and repairs to the house. The summer schedule is just starting to take shame. Several things are on the table but are not confirmed yet, so the widget below will hopefully get very busy as those shows are finalized.

Our next adventure is to an elementary school, where we will introduce bluegrass instruments and some American folk music to the children. After that, we have a benefit for an orphanage in Haiti, and on to the All Colorado Bluegrass Festival!

We have new songs for the coming summer months, including a new one Mary will sing that is a tear jerker. Sean has added a very fast and punchy "Orange Blossom Special", and the twins are quickly mastering their clever version of "Feudin' Banjos"! New gospel tunes and a few original songs are in the early process of arrangement, so you'll get some new material when you come to see us.

If you have any booking ideas, be sure to use our contact form to let us know before the schedule fills up!

Music Player web

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goldfield GospelGrass

Our last leg of the trip was to the Goldfield Ghost Town in Arizona for the GospelGrass festival! We left San Antonio on Thursday and drove to Carlsbad, NM, where woke to -3 degree temperatures (-17 wind chill) . Thankfully, we made time to stop by the beautiful caverns again, to warm up!

The freezing temperatures froze pipes at the Cavern entry, but thankfully, the rest rooms downstairs, where it remains 56 degrees all year, were open. All along our trip to I-10 on the way to Arizona later that day we ran into several closed rest areas and gas station restrooms.

Here is one that we found outside of El Paso with working restrooms, though as you can see, it had some freezing issues as well. The Goldfield Ghost Town was definitely a highlight to the trip! We had so much fun, as I hope you can see by the video below. Again, stop by our youtube page if you want music clips, because this is just video of silly fun here!

We're safely home now and thankful for God's Providence through the entire trip. Between Michael's back troubles, freezing temperatures, rising gas prices, and numerous other things that could have turned this trip upside down, we found ourselves helped along the way by many wonderful people and dodging the worst of the weather just in time, for largely clear roads the entire trip. Back here in Colorado, we are feeling very blessed, indeed, and more confident than ever that we are being lovingly watched over.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun in the Texas Sun

I have been posting on our Youtube channel and Facebook page a few music clips. Here is where we'll put those silly videos for Grandmas and others who like to see a personal side of the fun.

We're having a great time! Well, 90% great time, anyway. Michael's back is not cooperating, the cold spell is blasting all the way down here to San Antonio, our home in Colorado is under a deep freeze leaving us mildly worried about pipes and pets, and the ladies left their good coats in Port Isabel. However, the hospitality from everyone has been so wonderful, folks have been praying for us, so little concerns just slip right away and we remember how blessed we are!

We're getting some needed down time through tomorrow, then we'll make our way to Arizona for the last leg of our trip. Everyone is looking forward to the 70 degree weather that is expected there on Saturday.

Happy Pickin!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Practicing as a Family

by Cheryl

I have been asked on a few occasions how we coordinate everything to prepare our music performances. In the following article I plan to lay out some of the nuts and bolts on how I structure our rehearsals, from the organized details to the relaxed aspects. However, before getting into the fine details, I'd like to add a simple note on where it all begins for our family. I admit, we are not a family bluegrass band that "sometimes plays gospel". We are actually a family gospel bluegrass band, that plays a bit of everything, and enjoys interacting in many different settings. This means everything is filtered through our faith. Over the summer Michael had an interview with Al Brouillette of "For That Blessed Hope", where they discuss this aspect. I recommend the ideas Al puts forward as an essential starting point.

Most anyone who may read this does not have a family band, but there are aspects of working with children and music practice and coordinating family activities that transfer well to other areas. It's my prayer that someone may get a few ideas on working with their own children in music, or on a unifying family goal.

Practicing as a Group

We began making music as a family because it was fun, and one thing it has certainly taught us is the better you are, the more fun it becomes. This is why practice is something we do not neglect. It started with just a few songs we fumbled through, but as we got better, we wanted more music, more opportunities to play, and more skill. If you want more, you have to put in the work.

If there is one thing that ensures we will pull up our sleeves and get to work, it is when a performance is coming up. To be honest, I don't think we would bother practicing if we didn't have deadlines, so if nothing is immediately on the schedule, it becomes a priority to find something. Anyone who knows me will also know that I am not a naturally organized person, but there is nothing more motivating than an audience listening to every note you play. If the stakes are high enough, even a disorganized person can suddenly find a way to make it happen.

At the start of 2011 we hit the ground running, beginning with two shows by mid-month, then moving right into a 2 1/2 week trip through South Texas and Arizona, with a few primarily gospel programs, and a few anything-goes programs, where we pull out everything from John Denver, to Dueling Banjos. This meant we had a lot to cover, and quickly. Three of the songs were new, or at least new arrangements.

Additionally, there were gigs to schedule for the trip, calls to make, program orders to decide, and dates to remember. It was time to pull out the big white board. In the picture below you can see how a list is made early in the day so everyone knows what we will run through. There should be no excuse for going in surprised by something that hasn't been played in awhile. It's all there, usually by morning. A program order for the next show is up, a list of dates for the nearest performances, and a spot for reminders on places that need a phone call, contract, or otherwise.

After many frustrating times while working up new music, I realized we needed a better system for everyone to remember what the problems were that required individual work. "Oh, I forgot" was a common phrase, and I believed the forgetting child, because I would forget too, until the issue came up again the next night! We now have notebooks that are supposed to travel with them to and from practice. After a song, if there is something that must be addressed, like a need for a banjo break in a specific spot, or areas where some vocal harmonies need some polishing, the notebooks are to come out, a note written, and we move forward.

Prior to every performance, we spend a couple days just reminding ourselves of chords and lyrics, then a few days hitting the metronome. The day before, we pull out the microphones and actually stage where everyone will need to stand. Because we prefer to work largely with a single condenser microphone accompanied by a couple directional vocal microphones for instrument breaks and fiddle, instead of multiple single microphones, we need to practice balancing around the condenser and getting out of one another's way when someone needs to get in closer to the microphone for a break. With young musicians, you cannot assume they'll think about these things on stage, so it's always best to help them know where they will stand and when. Even then, someone will run into someone, smack you in the face with the neck of the banjo, poke you in the head with a violin bow, or any number of things to keep your sense of humor.

Individual Practice

Naturally, different ages require different practice plans. For Alex and Katie, at the age of 16 they are nearly adults and I do not micromanage their practice. They have their notebooks, they have their own goals, and the tools to meet those goals. When a break is needed, I simply ask them to write this in their notebook and tell them when we need to have it ready.

I don't usually have to have anyone practice singing in this house, especially the older two. The lighthearted video posted below shows a glimpse of what cleaning the kitchen often looks like in our house. Once again, the better you get at a skill, especially when in a positive environment, the more fun it often is. You no longer have to concentrate on every note, you can clean the kitchen in harmony - with an added benefit of annoying a younger brother. More is said below on fostering such and environment that includes freelance singing through the day.

Sean is 10 and I am in the process of removing myself from his practice time as much as possible. However, he needs a great deal of guidance, because he doesn't have the self-discipline or attention quite yet to practice effectively. I have a couple of tools I use as a transfer from constant supervision, to independent work.

As a fiddle player, we often record parts of his lessons onto our digital camera. This helps a great deal, because he can review it as much as necessary. I have been known to put the music demonstrated in his lesson and audio recorded examples from model bluegrass fiddlers, onto an iPod for him to take into his bedroom when it would be distracting for him to play out in the open living area. Sometimes I have him video tape what he is practicing so he can see for himself, and show me, where he is on any given song.

I have a standard template of which I provide for his assignments, which is altered whenever something new comes up. I keep it at the computer to avoid having to rewrite assignments each week, instead only adding or moving lines. I include repetitions, metronome markings, and a list of older songs to review. Although he is temporarily taking a break from his classical viola study, this is not much different than the methods we used for that.

One thing to note is that the difference between Alex, Katie, and Sean is not in ability or how long any one of them has played their instrument. It's strictly based on maturity. Sean has played violin longer than the other two have played their instruments and has quite an ear for learning music. The difference between what can be expected at 10 years old for independent practice, and of what a 16-year-old young lady is capable, is significant regardless of ability.

Mary is at a very different stage in her music instruction. At only five-years-old, most music should be around play. In fact, although she sings with us, some of the songs you hear her perform started out as a bedtime song I sang to her every night. Pretty soon she knew the song and could sing along. A few months ago, Mary helped me put together a little video on musical play with children. If the long-term desire is for a child to walk around singing at the top of his or her lungs while cleaning the kitchen, this is where it begins.

Despite my strong advocacy of music being light and playful at younger ages, I am not opposed to formal lessons for even young children. Mary started violin lessons a couple of months ago, because she has a natural desire to join in with the family's activities. She also wants to do what Sean does on his fiddle because he makes it look like so much fun, and Suzuki violin is a wonderful way to start young children in music.

Below I have a very short clip of a practice session with Mary. I often record our music practices, so this one is pretty straight forward. No one is cleaned up fancy for the camera, and I don't think she even knew the camera was on.

Putting it All Together

Although we try to put on a professional show for any audience, our family is of higher value than any small level of prestige or applause. Most of what we ultimately do, where the band is concerned, must first be for the long term good of the children. This can mean making it fun, but it can sometimes mean the occasional need to get firm and expect practice, silence from the instruments when something needs to be discussed, expecting humility by reminding young players that all they have is a gift of which they cannot boast, and the expected use of musical disciplines like drills and metronomes, when it's far more fun to just wing it. Character is a priority in parenting in this house and music, especially as a group, is a fine way to encourage good character.

Nevertheless, fun often sneaks in even during the most serious of practices, including spontaneous giggles, pillows over the head for silly mistakes, taunting between siblings on who has the coolest instrument, allowances for a bit of relaxed postures when drilling songs that are well known, and childhood antics of a large variety. It's always important to win the battles that are picked, but when pickin' bluegrass, it's even more important to pick you battles carefully so you don't spoil the ride.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Here's the rundown of events to come!

First, if you are in the Colorado Springs area, please join us for a special program for the Merridian Bible Church on Friday, January 14th. We'll provide some great entertainment for their Friday Night Outreach, then they'll treat everyone to Spaghetti! Click below for more details.
The very next day we'll enjoy a day with other great gospel bands at the

The following we we will load up the band bus/van and head to TEXAS! We have several performances scheduled, including a local senior center, American Legion, and a club house, so check the schedule on our site if you are in the area.

We will end our time at the Gulf in Aransis Pass for the

Next we will spend a few days in San Antonio, with at least one performance still to be announced. We can fit in one more, so if you are in the area, please let us know right away if you'd like us to play for your event. Specific dates are linked on the calendar above.

After a few days of fun and relaxation, we will swing through New Mexico and over to Arizona for the
The rest of the winter has largely some private functions and a bit of time to polish new music before the spring activities get rolling.

Our first big event for the year will be the
Memorial Day weekend we have high hopes that we will be accepted to participate in the Youth in Bluegrass Contest at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. If this is the case, you'll certainly be hearing more!

As soon as that is over the summer begins. We are pleased to be invited back for Fort Collin's Streetmosphere, so that will fill the schedule up quickly!

Keep your eyes open. Things are moving fast!

Happy Pickin'!