Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*Happy New Year*

Last year a new tradition was started by creating a picture video recap of the year for grandmas and family. It's a wonderful way to look back on each year. I wanted to post one here, since so much of it is related to the band, which has provided more opportunities than we could have ever dreamed when we started, but cutting it down to a reasonable length ended up being far more complicated than expected!

This year we will have two New Year videos, a shorter one I will post, and a long one that the grandparents will receive on New Years Eve.

This is the last blog post of the year. We'll see you next year, with information about coming performances and an exciting trip planned through Texas and Arizona. Additionally, since it is the time for resolutions to the new year, another article will be written regarding music practice for children, and particularly coordinating as a family to practice. Anyone who knows us will tell you that we are not an example of daily organization in most areas, but one area that we somehow manage, by God's grace alone, no doubt, is practicing. I'm looking forward to sharing how we put it all together.

May the Lord's Blessings be upon all of our friends, family, and fans in 2011!

Happy Pickin'!


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