Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sorghum and Gertrude

What do Sorghum and Gertrude have in common?

If you weren't aware of it, Kansas is a looooong state. It's not fair that you must first drive hours through the plains of Colorado, only to find you just started your never-ending-flat-land journey. At least it is an easy drive. Zippin' down the freeway at 70 miles per hour, children squabbling in the back, pit-stops every 15 minutes, the wind trying to blow you off the road, miles and miles of sorghum growing as far as the eye can see.

I had to look up that last one with some google searches on Kansas crops, along with some images. We're all agriculturally challenged and expecting to see lots of corn, soy, wheat, and hay, but we didn't know what sorghum was, yet saw more of that than anything else. The things you learn... We should get out more. You'd think we'd know about a major crop in a nearby state.

Then there are the lovely rolling hills on the east end, where the GPS tried very hard to get us lost or stuck in the mud off some unmaintained dirt road. We had to remember that, though it may talk to you, it is really not smart enough to realize that a 15 passenger van is not the best thing for taking a 4 wheel drive short-cut through fields.

Our destination was some dear friends' home where we stayed the night. Their home is breathtaking! It made us forgive Kansas for the wind and flatness.

What about Gertrude? Here's how sorghum is obviously related.

Sean: "Mom, what do they call these plains?"
Mom: "The Plains."
Sean: "No, what's their name?"
Mom: "The Great Plains."
Sean: "They have to have a name."
Mom: "The Great Plains of North American."
Sean: "No, their NAME."
Mom: "Fred."
Sean: "Moooom!"
Mom: "Gertrude?"
Sean: "Moooom..."

I guess he figured, mountains and forests often have names, so plains should too, right? For the record, we made it safely through Gertrude and learned to ignore the GPS when it asked us to drive through a sorghum field.

The Ozarks in Missouri were beautiful, even if they were forests that had the gall to not be made up of evergreens and aspens, climbing up steep mountain sides, like we're used to. Kind of made one feel like Bambi, hiding in the thicket. Silver Dollar City was a blast, as you can see by the pictures!

We have some exciting performances coming up and to blog about this weekend so stay tuned!

Happy pickin'!


  1. LOL. Not only are you musically gifted, you're a great comedienne, as well. For the record, I've made that drive and never realized it was sorghum. Which, not to nitpick or anything, I don't know anything more about. Perhaps you'd care to share it's riches???

  2. LOL! Wikipedia was my source. Yeah, original, I know.