Friday, September 3, 2010

Our First Music Videos

Our newest video!
Episode 3: Helping Your Child Match Pitch
Most children can easily learn to sing and match pitch. Here are some fun ideas you can implement into your playtime to help get them started.

Episode 2: Music with Children
Do you have young children in the home? Here are a handful of fun ideas you can incorporate into your day to develop musical skills.

Episode 1: An Interview with Al Brouillette
Michael interviews Al Brouillette of "For the Blessed Hope" on the benefits and challenges of a family band. Due to the limits of the equipment, you may wish to turn up the volume during the interview.

If you enjoy them, and are on Facebook, please "fan" our page, linked on the post below. I am posting the youtube ones here for the moment for those not on facebook, and you can subscribe through youtube. Additionally, if you know someone who would be blessed by these videos, someone into music in the family, or the mother of young children, please consider passing them the links!

I would also love further suggestions. Some things I may show in the future include practicing ideas for different ages, starting to play as a group with very new players, having Alex and Katie introduce very basic chords for beginners, and I'll be interviewing Suzie Solomon of GospelGrass Productions and Pickin' on Tennyson. Sean has played some bass and knows a few guitar chords/strums, but he's picking up mandolin now, and perhaps some Dobro. We'll see if that progresses and perhaps he can give a report on what he's learned about the different instruments. (For the record, he wanted banjo too, but Katie won't share!)

The kids plan to add comedy to the mix. Alex has promised me an episode, a silly short flick. She just needs to write it out and rehearse a bit! I'm looking forward to seeing what she has in mind.

Happy Pickin!

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