Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take Me Home Country Cows

It's a story of which dreams are made. You start a band, you work hard, never knowing where it will lead, but secretly praying one day you will have the opportunity to perform for a dancing cow.

I think Chick-Fil-A should give us some free sandwiches for entertaining their cow, don't you? We should start a petition.

This was today at the Firestone Honey Festival. I do declare, that town knows how to do a festival!

Thursday we were privileged to play for a wonderful assisted living center in Greeley. Nice people, very encouraging, and they were given a treat too: The debut full solo performance of our youngest band member.

Oh, gosh, she's cute. I think we'll keep this little cute weapon on minimal use for the moment. There is a fine line between gimmick and a legit family band, and I don't really want to abuse that for her sake or her siblings. The others work their tails off so, while they'll have to live with being upstaged by cute alone eventually, I'm going to let her earn her stripes like the rest of them.

(Yeah, that'll last a week, tops... Ok, I give. Come out to some future performances and we'll throw cute in as a bonus.)


  1. Very cute, indeed! Wonderful blogging, your family fun spirit is so great, I hope we can capture some fun around here, now! Found you through twtm. I am at

  2. Hi Betty!
    Thanks for stopping by! I love the pictures on your blog, btw.