Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birds, Bands, and Bouncing

We took a little trip down to Colorado Springs today for a Homeschool Resource Fair. Although we were privileged to be asked to perform, it would have been worth the trip anyway. This was a great event, full of exciting opportunities for the homeschoolers in the area. I think the kids' favorite exhibit was the feathered friends.

It was rather noisy in the room, but those Amber Wave kids don't mind. They'll just sing out and pick or saw those strings.
I'm rather impressed the younger two were still standing after the day was over. Bouncing in the air, running, play grounds, and new friends.
After the event we ran by Focus on the Family's Visitor Center so they could burn off even more energy. Yes, somehow they still had some left for slides and exploring Whit's End. While we were there we enjoyed some wonderful conversation with old friends, then joined them for dinner out.

Tomorrow we'll be out for a Streetmosphere gig. The temperature promises to be manageable, thankfully. I think we had our share of 100 degree weather events for the summer.

Happy Pickin'!

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