Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where did June go?

I swear we must have had a June this year. After all, I had a lot of things written on my calendar where it said "June". It zipped right by! I'm going to try not to blink for July or I fear I'll loose that one too.

We were privileged to be invited by the Christian Home Educators of Colorado to play for their kick-off dinner and sing for the opening general session this month.

So far we've completed two sets for Fort Collins' Streetmosphere. This picture was taken at the very end of a very long four hour set. Everyone was looking just a little weary, but still managed to give everyone smiles. The second to the last song we had a few raindrops. We ended the song early, zipped instruments into their cases, then hopped into the van right before a massive downpour!
We're having a blast with all of this performing, and gaining valuable experience playing in so many different types of settings. Every one has different needs for balance, audience interest, etc. Sean tends to be the crowd pleaser at Streetmosphere. We lose our audience every time I give him a break, but at 10 years old, you must have your breaks! So, we kill time with some nice music, people walk off, then they crowd around again when we set him loose on wild fiddle tunes.

Gospel festivals favor the vocals, it would seem. Everyone comments about our vocal harmonies, despite some very worn voices. Below are some clips from the 2010 GospelGrass Festival. My mother captured a few. As I wrote below, the kids were real troopers. Sean sings with what little was left of is voice, and Katie's voice was so poor she had to skip her signature song all together, saving what little she had to force out in harmony. Mary had been sick, coughing, and sleeping! Yet she jumped up when it was time to sing. (Sorry, we didn't get any Mary solos from the festival.)

This little family band music experiment of ours is not only fun, but the places you get to go are sometimes very interesting.

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Happy Pickin'!

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