Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the performance

I bet many parents will relate to having a kid or two just a bit different than the rest. If you don't, it must mean God didn't feel you needed the humbling at this time. He felt I needed an extra dose. (Oh, and any humblings set from God are an eternal blessing... just so you understand my perspective!)

In truth, the funny things usually happen at the performance, not on the way to it.

Being the band mom, I have been known to get mild anxiety before performances. It's occasionally due to music, when we've not had something together during practice lately and I really hope to wow the audience with it. However, if I were to be truly honest, sometimes it's, uh, stage presence.

The younger two band members are firecrackers. They are never nervous and actually thrive on getting as many eyes on them as possible, no matter how it is accomplished. Born to be on stage. I'm sure God planned it that way since he put them here, with us. This is a wonderful thing when you want them to give everyone a big smile, sing loud, be enthusiastic, and charming. It creates more of a desire to crawl into a corner and hide at other times.

Things to happen in front of lots of people during music:
  • Pastor praying and giving some instructional words in front of us before we play. Moths on the floor and around the altar. Moths being slowly poked with a bow and flying off...
  • Advent candles lit. Music over. Lingering child with fire fascination sticking hand over fire to see how hot it is...
  • Nose needing... uh... something removed.
  • Mom helping to keep tempo, child stopping to instruct mom that child doesn't need help.
  • Child walking off stage for a snack in the middle of a set.
  • Sister goes out of tune, brother makes a gagging face like he's going to die while she sings.
  • Young child not on stage with instructions to sit right there, leaves in the middle of your song and you watch child go down the aisle...
  • Serious religious song with one child noticing some kids are in the audience and starts making obnoxious faces to be funny during serious song.
  • Siblings start fighting when not on stage, louder than the banjo can blast, requiring mom to sneak off and separate them.
  • Child yelling, "I need to go to the bathroom!" in front of microphones.
When we perform for elderly, they about fall over laughing. I'm sure we add years to their lives. (On the other hand, it sometimes takes years off mine!)

Those who expect professionalism at all times may not be too interested in having us perform until we've passed some maturity milestones around here, but it'll be their loss.

Happy Pickin'!